For Emergencies, including Fire, dial 911.

Alternate Emergency Numbers:

Newbury: 978-463-0796

Newburyport: 978-463-3148

Water and Sewer issues (e.g., constant hissing):

Daytime: 978-465-4422

After hours Newburyport: 978-465-4444 or 978-465-4411

Afer hours Newbury: 978-463-4440

Non-emergency/business numbers:

Newbury Police: 978-462-4440

Newbury Fire Department: 978-462-2282

Newburyport Police: 978-462-4411

The Town of Newbury.

The City of Newburyport.

Newburyport Fire Department: 978-465-4427

Plum Island Taxpayer's & Associates- PITA.

EPA Office of Waters, Oceans, and Wetlands.

Parker River National Wildlife Refuge.

Parker River Clean Water Association.