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The Captain's Fishing Parties leave from the very end of Northern Boulevard, and offer halfday trips for bluefish or mackerel and longer trips for flounder. They're good at finding fish, so you rarely come home empty-handed (on our most recent trip we caught over 40(!) mackerel among three of us). Poles and bait are included in the price (ranging from around $35.00 and up per person depending on the length and goal of the trip. Less for kids.). They'll filet your catch for you on the way back for a dollar a fish - a good deal. You can bring a lunch or buy sandwiches from the galley, along with a bottle of Coke or a can of Budweiser. Be sure to bring sneakers or closed-toed shoes, a windbreaker, and maybe a book or a magazine to read on the way out and back. You can also buy film and fishing equipment from them, if you're surfcasting from the nearby beach. (Eric, Roy, and Mike, on the right.)

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