The original BeachComa. Copyright © 2004 Pete Wishnok. New image coming when I get inspired.

The original BeachComa, in its prime, was the main source of nightlife (at least public nightlife) on the Island. After an era of dormancy and overgrowth, it's been rejuvenated and redesigned, and has reclaimed it's rightful place.

Keep track of developments and support Gregg and friends and family. Now open for lunch, dinner, or just a beer or a Coke after a day at the beach or a long work-week. Good selection of beers, modest selection of wines and spirits, and a great clam chowder.

So check it out. 978-358-8218

(The whimsical Commedia-dell-arte-inspired cartoon was on a wall at an earlier time at the BeachComa (near the dart-board) but was sadly painted over during renovations.)

Note: they open most days at 11:30, but you'll have to wait for your Bloody Mary until noon on Sunday.

Click here to visit their website...

...and here for the google map.